From left, Alexis Fairbanks, Samantha Strong and Heather Caplan founded the nonprofit Lane 9 to raise awareness of eating disorders in the sport of running. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

It’s not uncommon for athletes who participate in competitive running to look for a performance edge through dieting and weight loss. Unfortunately, this can open the door for some to develop an eating disorder, a serious psychological, medical, and nutritional condition warranting the help of a physician, registered dietitian, and licensed mental health provider.

Kelyn Soong, of the Washington Post, interviewed Riley Nickols, PhD, CEDS about the connection between sport and eating disorders.

“Sport itself does not cause eating disorders,” said Riley Nickols, director of the Victory Program at the McCallum Place eating disorder treatment center in St. Louis. “But certain aspects of a sport can heighten vulnerability and an individual’s risk.”

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