Sport Psychology Resources

Our psychologists offer sport psychology resources, compassion, and expertise to improve mental health, address sport concerns, optimize performance, facilitate healing and restore freedom.

Sport Psychology Websites

Association for Applied Sport Psychology

International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals

National Eating Disorders Association

American Psychological Association – Div. 47

NCAA Sports Science/Mental Health

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Helpful Articles

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Our sport psychologists, mental health providers, and sports dietitians work with athletes on:

Mental Health

Feeling anxious, depressed or dealing with eating issues? We help restore health and hope so that you can enjoy life and competition again.

Sport and Wellness

Struggling with relationships, playing time, injury, or enjoyment of sport? Our psychologists provide practical help and guidance.

Sport Performance

Ready to optimize performance and reach your athletic goals? Our team will guide you to reach your competitive potential.